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To make it easier to navigate the blog, entries on it are grouped according to the following blocks:

Weathering models

Presentation of techniques for dirt and wear on the model. Working with the model from the stage of the toy's appearance, to creating the illusion of reality.

Modeling guides

Everything about the basic work with the model. About gluing, machining and painting, according to our maxim: modeling from scratch.

Workshop: with a model from A to Z

The relationship of work with the model from the first cut to the final gallery. 

Interesting facts 

A blog section devoted to topics around modeling: feature articles, reports, interviews. Reports on modeling events. A bit about military.

Tests and presentations

Presentation of boxes before gluing, tests of chemistry and modeling accessories. This is what will fall into our hands, objectively and matter-of-factly.

Gallery of completed works

Final galleries of finite projects. All the models I have worked on and that have been successfully completed have their place in this section.


What's new in Modeler's World. Everything about what's changing and happening on the site, but also news and market announcements.

DIY: Model Making DIY

In this section we present small accessories, gadgets and devices useful for modelers and DIY enthusiasts.


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What we are currently writing about, what we are working on:

Review from Grot Orderly

Thank you to the author and we invite you to follow him in the media: PAYPAL ME: https://paypal.me/Zigmunth PATRONITE: https://patronite.pl/GrotOrderly SKLEPIK CUPSELL: http://grotorderly.cupsell.pl/ DISCORD LINK: https://discord.gg/jxzq2rx PAGE ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GrotOrderly BLOG ON BLOGSPOT: http://www.grotorderly.pl

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A new movie on the Agtom channel

Today, late at night, another video on the Agtom channel flew in from the construction of the 7TP tank - IBG 1:35, news from the IBG stable. Tomek presented the technique of applying paint wash airbrush. Thank you for choosing [...]

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Workshops at the festival in Jaworzno

Do you want to see a noble model made of a simple and popular Tamiya set emerging from the master's hand? From zero to hero, that's what we called the workshop, which together with Mirosław [...]

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A great and very interesting group with very interesting ideas

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Model making is an occupation that has consumed me from boyish years. I am consistently developing my passion, from which I created the Model World: a world where I can combine my hobby with my professional life. Where quality is a priority and excuses are not an option.

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